Display Advertising Specifications

At present we offer two sizes of display advertisements in The Gulf Islands Directory.  

The customer must supply the images. Contact the editor if you require help in making your banner.  Animation is OK but to avoid a "flashy" experience for our readers, please keep the minimum duration of each frame to 3 seconds.

We ask you to keep your advertising images within the given specifications.  Surcharges exist for increased file sizes because large files cause slower loading times and reduce both the quality of the browser's experience and therefore the ultimate earning potential of the page.

 1. A Long Banner at the top of a page

468 X 60 Pixels 

468 X 60 Pixels A banner ad no wider than 468 pixels and no deeper than 60 pixels. The banner is aligned at the top of the page below the top navigation bar. The file format may be  JPG or GIF. The file size may be no larger than 12,000 bytes.

 2. A Banner shown on either side of the links etc.

126 X 135 pixels

126 X 135 pixels 

A banner ad no wider than 126 pixels and no deeper than 135 pixels.
The file format may be JPG or GIF. 
The permitted maximum file size is 6,000 bytes.


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