Advertising In The Gulf Islands Directory


Advertising In The Gulf Islands Directory


We have 2 kinds of advertisements:

Display BannersText Hyperlinks

Text link advertisement charges 

Our directory is a resource for people who want to learn about the islands. Therefore we only accept text link advertisements for webs with content focused on the The Gulf Islands geographical area. If your web does not mention the islands or obviously relate them or serve them in any way then it does not qualify.  

Text links are free except for those that advertise Accommodations or Real Estate, the charge for them is Text_Link_Annual per year.

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Display ads: 

Unlike Text Ads which have an island-content restriction, display ads, which are images or banners positioned either at the top of the page or to the side of the text links can advertise any website.  

Prices vary greatly from page to page and range from $10 per month to $325 per month.   

Sizes and details please see our Banner Specifications page.

Fees for adjustment to advertisements:

  • Changes to Display Banner Images - $10

  • Changes to Captions of text links and display ads - $10

  • Changes to the URL for text links and display ads - $10

  • All fees for advertising are to be made in advance

  • We are sorry we cannot refund any advertising fees.



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